Trusted product research and development

For over twenty years Franklin has created an extensive data base of high quality products from proven suppliers ranging from local Tasmanian companies to large international manufactures.

These relationships allow Franklin to drill down on specific products and to organise directly with the supplier. The solution may be local, national or international but before procurement or production commences all production costs, required packaging and delivery options are well understood.

Specialised products can require in-depth research and development. Franklin Direct has the experience and product data to advise the best research plan needed to create a positive outcome. We take pride in working with our customers in achieving this goal.

With an understood cost structure and production schedule, Franklin monitors all aspects of production and endeavours to deliver products on-time and on-budget.

All quotes and invoices are in Australian dollars and subject to GST.

Come in, meet the team, and discuss your next project and take advantage of our free consultation, our experience and our advice.

We are here to help.

Available services...


  • Dedicated research team both local and international
  • Understanding the requirements of our customers
  • Over 20 years of sourcing experience
  • Product planning and scheduling
  • Samples provided for approval


  • Air and sea freight solutions
  • Calculated import duties and taxes
  • Fulfilment solutions available
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Freight consolidation


  • Proven suppliers and manufactures
  • Product inspection
  • Product packed to specific requirements
  • Production scheduling