These days products need to have a professional look before discerning buyers will purchase. If a product label does not present well or look the part, the customers will not buy. Your product credibility starts with the professional look of your label.

You have 5 seconds to sell the cover of a book and you have about 2 seconds to sell a product.

Here at Franklin we listen to you about your product, we inspect your product and we advise the best way forward for your label.

When I see products that look worn or outdated on a shelf I feel bad because the investment into the product and packaging has been lost. I see labels that are not fit for purpose, that are scuffed and scratched, sending the wrong message to your customer.

We look at these potential issues and rectify them before label production.

Design, the area that needs to be addressed most, we do that in spades. Our design team works with you to accomplish the best message on your label and that helps you sell, sell, sell directly from the store shelf or online.

Our experience over the years enables us to advise you on colours, stock, and adhesion. All of these factors make the experience for your customer all the better. Customers recognise that your brand has invested time and effort for them. New and interesting stocks and embellishments provide a tactile experience for your customers that can set your product apart from your competitors.

All this may sound a little over the top but believe me, it isn’t.

Come and talk to us and take advantage of our free consultation to discuss your labels and we will invest a little extra time and energy to get your message out there - loud and clear, so you see the difference.

Call us today and spend some time with us so we can discuss your existing product labels or just bring in your ideas and we can work with you to supply.

I’ll put the kettle on.

We are here to help.