We have been working on firming up our supply chain logistics while in lockdown and one area that we feel comfortable with is presentation boxes and packaging for the distilling and wine industry.

Over the years we have worked closely with our customers to develop new and interesting POS packaging that has suited the selected product and hit the requested unit cost.

We have been in constant contact with our suppliers and they are now telling us that they have overcome many of the supply issues that have affected production over the last six months and are interested in moving forward with our production again.

The way to make your product stand out is embellishments. We have a huge range available, from custom cover material, foil embossing and die-cutting to interesting custom design. 

Remember, we specialise in understanding your requirements and I know we can correctly translate your specifications to our suppliers, thus eliminating many of the possible problems when working with overseas suppliers.

So, let us help you with your next project. We have production and delivery solutions to accommodate your requirements and look forward to working with you.

Below are some samples of the businesses we have proudly supplied.